Purchase Membership

PLEASE NOTE: Current SMW students do not need to purchase a pass.

Membership includes passes to ALL home games, ALL YEAR. The more you attend games to support West Athletics/Activities, the more you save!

The SMW Booster Club’s sole purpose is to support our athletic teams, cheerleaders and dance team. The Booster Club is composed of parents, friends and relatives of West students who wish to keep our tradition of spirit and sportsmanship at West.  All money raised goes to the coaches/sponsors for uniforms, equipment and related expenses.

How does joining Booster Club benefit my family, student or West?

Each school year the Booster Club fulfills requests by coaches/sponsors for expenses that are not funded by the school district. This support allows teams to keep parental out-of-pocket costs lower! Did you know if you pay at the gate at home football games, we share the money with other schools!?

But Booster Pass Money stays at West!

SMSD Cost to Attend Home Games $7 adults/$5 child

Example: Boys Varsity Soccer Season averages 6 home games
Family of 4: $24 per game x 6 home games=$144 (Passes are $140, for ALL sports/ALL year!)
Each adult breaks even on their 7th home game attended.

Your Booster Club membership saves you money and helps to provide uniforms, equipment and related expenses for the WEST teams/groups! It’s a WIN-WIN!